Lollapalooza Brazil 2018

Social Media

Doritos was one of the sponsors of Lollapalooza Brazil 2018. We had to create a social media campaign talking about the number 3 theory.

We started the campaign creating some pills using the main video, where we was able to talk about some number 3 coincidences between Doritos and Lollapalooza. As the 3 sides of a triangle and the 3 days of festival.

Using the Twitter Tweet to Unlock mechanic, we created the DORITOS CH3ST, a pyramid-shape safe, which would only open with a correct 6-number password sequence. The person who made the combination would win 3 tickets for the last day of the festival.

Creative team:
Tieri Wince ( art director ), Lucas Menegotto ( copywritter )

The DORITOS CH3ST has become the subject of numerous news portals as:

São Paulo, Brazil